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    555 Etcetera
555 Etcetera 

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555 Etcetera include all the features of 555 Timer PRO plus wizards for active filter design, photodiode amplifiers, op amp amplifiers and transistor amplifiers.

As with 555 Timer PRO, 555 Etcetera provides an array of design wizards, circuit blocks and information panels that facilitate the use of the 555 timer. Component value calculations for the 555 take into account the supply voltage, timer fabrication (CMOS or Bipolar), and, where appropriate, load currents.

Features include:

  • 555 timer synopsis - includes pin functions, fabrication differences, component selection
  • 22 timer design wizards - 14 for the astable mode, 8 for the monostable mode
  • input circuitry - for gating an astable or triggering a monostable. Input categories are switch, touchplate, continuity, liquid level, AC detect, light, sound, and temperature.
  • counter wizards - facilitate divide by/count to strategies using common binary and decade counters
  • output circuitry - that can be activated by the 555 timer. Includes switching loads, driving motors, driving LEDs, lamps, numeric and bargraph displays, and audio, ultrasound and RF outputs
  • active filter wizards - create order 2, 4 or 6 active lowpass, highpass, bandpass or bandstop filters using the Butterworth, Chebyshev or Elliptic approximations, and the reliable Multiple-Feedback (MFB) implementation
  • transistor design wizards - design a very stable emitter-bypassed NPN transistor amplifier with gain from 40 to 400
  • operational amplifier design wizards - design inverting and non-inverting amplifiers with DC or AC coupling and single or dual supplies.
  • general - voltage reference design, "best pair" resistor substitution, logic families reference, IC pinouts for all ICs used in 555 Etcetera
  • PDF file output - write all project circuit blocks to convenient PDF file

Comparison of 555 Timer Lite, 555 Timer PRO and 555 Etcetera:

555 timer design software Lite PRO Etc
Timer design wizards
Astable mode, duty cycle > 50% 1 4 4
Astable mode, 0%-duty cycle-100% 1 9 9
Astable mode, squarewave 0 3 3
Monostable mode (one-shot) 1 8 8
Adjusted for supply voltage, fabrication, load currents   YES YES
Support ciruitry
Input circuit library 4 47 47
567 tone decoder wizard   YES YES
Photodiode amplifier wizard     YES
Digital counter/divider wizards   YES YES
Output circuit library 5 41 41
Triac snubber wizard   YES YES
LM386 audio amplifier wizard   YES YES
Voltage reference wizards   YES YES
Best-pair resistor wizard   YES YES
Logic family overview   YES YES
Active filter design wizard, LP, HP, BP, BS to order 6     YES
Operational amplifier design wizards     YES
Transistor amplifier design wizard     YES
Download for evaluation YES YES  
Price (USD) Free $19.95 $29.95



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