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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Internet :: TelStar - New License

    TelStar - New License
TelStar - New License 

Price: $30.00


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TelStar is a telnet client for Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2K. TelStar's feature set is designed to make it a useful tool for a business. TelStar also includes many of the display features not usually found in windows-based telnet clients.

TelStar Features:

  • Key remapping.
  • Pasting and Printing screen graphically
  • Configurable Scrollback buffer.
  • "Grab Focus On Change" option.
  • Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP with the same executable.
  • Supports ANSI, SCOANSI, VT100, VT220, and WYSE60 terminal Types
  • Double-width and Double-Height attributes are supported - And actually displayed!
  • BOLD and DIM attributes (on those term types that support them) are emulated with color.
  • UNDERLINE attribute is actually underlined
  • Blink attribute is supported - and actually displayed. Slow and fast blink are available in term types that offer the feature (currently only ANSI).
  • Multiple Screen pages are supported on term types that offer the feature (currently only WYSE60).
  • Italics are supported and displayed.
  • Supports custom color selection, for all colors - not just the default foreground and background.
  • Screen is resizable - fonts and all - not just a reduced viewport.
  • Pass-through aux port printing actually goes through the Win95 spooler, rather than kludging around with lpt1: - which means you can aux-print to a networked printer.
  • Pass-through printing actually allows escape sequences through to the aux printer. Many other telnet clients eat the escape codes even when in pass-through mode.
  • Ability to CLONE existing term types to produce customized types with different settings.
  • All Special Keys can be reprogrammed.
  • TelStar sets environment variables on the host to indicate the name of the user on the PC and the name of the PC.
  • TelStar (optionally) sends its windows size (telnet NAWS) to the host to indicate the number of rows and columns in use.
  • TelStar is designed for business environments. The program can be set up to automatically connect to a specified host, or to only allow connection to hosts defined in the hosts file, or to allow unrestricted connections.
  • Scrollback capability.


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