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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Database :: DBF Extended Library - Single User License

    DBF Extended Library - Single User License
DBF Extended Library -  Single User License 

Price: $39.95


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This small, but powerful package, adds over 30 new functions and is 100% compatible with Apollo's SDE TM ( Database Engine ).

For all DBF Viewer PRO users, this adds instant gratification as the new capabilities are immediately available in all areas where an expression can be used, Indexing, Querying, Sorting, etc.

For developer's, this is a time saver, no brainer addition to their existing investment in Apollo. We include 100% Delphi Source Code with a DEMO to show you clear examples of how you can begin to take advantage of these functions in your projects, immediately.

Tech Tips...

The SDE design allows you, within limits, to write you own UDF's (user defined functions), allowing you to naturally extend the language of the xBase Expression engine that's included. The problem is, as anyone who's tried can attest, it's not that easy to master given it's quirks and limits. If you're thinking about it, we politely suggest that you don't have to anymore, we've done the hard work for you. Begin today, taking advantage of these powerful functions that extend your investment.

For those who are supporting or migrating from legacy applications using FoxPro and Clipper, and yes, there are still a few, please note that many of the included functions have additional support for these legacy platforms. In many cases, providing full support for your existing indexes, query statements, etc. This could literally save you 100's of hours of development changes.

{ Here's a few examples }

  • OCCURS( SearchStr, TargetStr )

  • STRMONEY( Number )

  • PAYMENT( Loan Amt, Int Rate, # of Periods )

  • CDOW( DateField )

The perfect companion to DBF Viewer PRO and our other fine DBF products.

Category Function Return Value
String Functions: INVERT( String )  String
   ISUPPER( String ) Logical

ISUPPERA( String ) Logical

ISLOWER( String ) Logical

ISLOWERA( String ) Logical

INSTR( SearchStr, TargetStr ) Logical

PROPER( String ) String

STRTRAN( TargetStr, SearchStr, ReplaceStr ) String

CHRTRAN( TargetStr, SearchStr, ReplaceStr ) String

OCCURS( SearchStr, TargetStr ) Number
Date/Time Functions: CMONTH( DateField ) String

CMONTHI( MonthNumber ) String

CDOW( DateField ) String

DMY( DateField ) String

MDY( DateField ) String
Math Functions: ABS( Number ) Number

SIGN( Number ) Number

SIN( Radians ) Number

COS( Radians ) Number

TAN( Radians ) Number

RTOD( Radians ) Number

ASIN( Radians ) Number

ACOS( Radians ) Number

ATAN( Radians ) Number

DTOR( Degrees ) Number

SQRT( Number ) Number
Money Functions: STRMONEY( Number ) String

FV( Payment, Int Rate, # of Periods ) Number

PV( Payment, Int Rate, # of Periods ) Number

PAYMENT( Loan Amt, Int Rate, # of Periods ) Number



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