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BellWiz is an innovative scheduling program which plays audio files through a public address system from a standard PC.  The program is ideal for playing school bells, fire drill sounds, scheduled voice announcements, and factory shift change sounds.  For a simple PA or bell system, BellWiz can save you hundreds of dollars over a costly hardware-only solution and its scheduling possibilities surpass that of most hardware-only systems.  BellWiz requires only a 486 or higher computer and runs in the background in system tray, so the computer can still be used for other tasks.  BellWiz is available for $34.95 for a single license, and steep discounts are given for multiple license purchases.  A free 20-day evaluation version is also available.

Feature List:

Flexible scheduler (schedule bells as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually, weekly (by days of week), monthly (by day of month, or by day of week of month (ex. 2nd Monday of each month.) and more.
Easy-to-use wizard-based interface which guides you through the steps of setting up bells.
Create holiday/exclusion rules to exclude specified dates, weekdays, or time ranges for each bell.
Synchronize the system clock to the US National Atomic Clock through multiple servers.
Play wav and mp3 files with optional looping.
NEW - Support for multiple sound cards.  Play sounds to a dedicated secondary sound card while allowing other PC sounds to play to the default sound card.
Popular bell sounds included in wav format
Simple setup with no external DLL files required.
Online support options.
Illustrated help file.

BellWiz can used be used in several different hardware configurations.  The following list contains links to pages describing different configurations:

Configuration 1: PC speakers

Description:  This is simplist configuration where a single PC is used to play sounds to speakers connected to the PC.  This setup is popular for home users for reminders, such as appointment and medicine reminders.   This configuration could also be used for small store fronts for store announcements where a PC on the floor is not an issue.

PC with 486 or higher processor
Sound Card
Computer speakers

Configuration 2: Standard Public Address or School Bell System -
Configuration 2: Standard PA or School Bell System

Description:   This configuration is the most common setup for BellWiz when used as a school bell system.  In this arrangement, an audio cable is ran directly from the PC sound card's line out to the PA system's line in or auxilliary input.  The existing speakers from the amplifier or PA system are then used to play the audio from BellWiz.

PC with 486 or higher processor
Sound Card
PA or amplifier with attached speakers

Configuration 3: Variable Classroom Schedule

Description:  This configuration is used by schools which have an extremely variable classroom schedule.  In this case, each classroom has a PC running BellWiz with local speakers attached to the PC.  When the bell triggers, the students in local classroom are dismissed.  This configuration could also be used in a store front with multiple rooms, such as a furniture store, for playing different announcements.

Multiple PCs with 486 or higher processor
Sound Card on each PC
Computer speakers for each PC
BellWiz license for each PC running BellWiz
(volume discounts available)

Configuration 4: Wireless Audio Transmission

Description:   This configuration is an option when a PC near the audio source is not feasible.  In this case, a wireless audio transmitter and receiver are used to transmit the sounds from the PC sound card wireless to a wireless receiver which should be attached to powered speakers or an amplifier.  Wireless audio transmitters can be found at most electronics stores or at the links below:

PC with 486 or higher processor
Sound Card
Wireless audio transmitter
Powered speakers



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