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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Programming :: AppFace Source Code Edition

    AppFace Source Code Edition
AppFace Source Code Edition 

Price: $9999.00


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AppFace User Interface Development Kits (AUDK ) provides a solution for applications beautification by dividing design and coding. Its core appface.dll is a Windows standard dynamic library which is actually a skinned UI control base. When the skinning control is loaded, it can automatically beautify UI as predefined schemes. When design is finished as URF skin, the programmer only needs to load / unload skinning library code. If you want to change software UI, just change according skin file will be OK. It's super convenient!

After purchase, you can :

  • Get proper register info to release the trial limit
  • Enclose AppFace library and URF skins as modules into your commercial software for unlimited distribution without any extra costs.
  • Free technical support (E-mail)
  • Free upgrades (binary files).

As described below, it has three editions available :

  1. Personal Edition
  2. Enterprise Editon
  3. Source Code Edition .

Personal Edition

  • The skin component (appface.dll )
  • The free skin editor (skintool.exe )
  • Samples, manual and URF skins

Personal Edition Specifications

The personal license is corresponding this edition, it granted one person who purchased AppFace to develop/distribute software with it .

Although skinning function and files are the same for registered copy and unregistered copy, the unregistered one has 30-day trial period and cannot distribute appface.dll .


Above products share the same file, the only difference lies in register code. If register code you buy is different from your R&D tool, some GUI CANNOT be skinned ! For example, if the main program is based on Visual Basic 6.0, but there are some VC and C ++ Builder control, the whole application UI cann't be skinned if you buy AppFace For Visual Basic 6.0 . However, this will not happen if you buy AppFace For All.

AUDK adopts electronic distribution method via internet..

After you purchase AUDK, you only need to enclose appface.dll and URF before you distribute softwares.

* AppFace For All means this type license code can be used to VB6/VC/Delphi/C++ Builder/ VB.Net/C#/Win32 SDK/PureBasic/PowerBasic projects .

** The Static Library should be used to MS VC 6.0/ 7.0/ 7.1/ 8.0 projects with "Use MFC in a static library" compiled condition . The binary files compiled by the static library can be distributed anywhere without any MFC or AppFace libraries . The static library is "Release" version, and does not offer a trial, since it has the full functions as the same as appface.dll. Please use appface.dll for trial or debug version .


Enterprise Edition

Including all the files of the Personal Edition, and for additional :

  • Replaces SkinTool with SkinTool Pro, which skin editor can createe basic URF skins
  • Includs all the static libraries of AppFace (Relase version, MFC needed )
  • The advanced RightToLeft layout support

Enterprise Edition Specifications

The enterprise license is corresponding the enterprise edition, it granted all the developers in the
enterprise range to to develop/distribute software with AppFace .

Visual C++ developers can distribute the skinned software without appface.dll by using the static libraries .

Since developers can trial all the skinning functions of AppFace with Personal Edition, we do not offer alone trial version for the Enterprise Editon again .

AppFace UI Development Kits License Statement

Source Code Edition

Including all the binary files and the most source code files *** of the Enterprise Edition :

  • The binary files and the source code files of AppFace skin library (appface.dll and appfacelib.lib )
  • The binary files and the source code files of SkinTool.exe
  • Samples, manual and URF skins
  • The documentation - AppFace Skin Library Program Guide
  • Half year free upgrade

Source Code Edition Specifications

All the souce code projects mentioned above are developed by Visual C++ 6.0 (with MFC) .You can build them with Visual C++ 6.0,7.0, 7.1 or 8.0 (MFC needed) .

The source code edition includes all the souce files of the Enterprise Edition, excepts the license code management module . It need not that again,since you have got the souce code !

Source Code Edition Overview

AUDK Source Code Edition names AppFace Skin Library Source Code Project(ASLSC) too . It uses advanced Windows UI technology to draw each window appearance automatically in the targe process with custom functions . It expose you how to skin any windows you want . ASLSC includes :

  • The binary files and the source code files of AppFace skin library (appface.dll and appfacelib.lib )
  • The binary files and the source code files of SkinTool.exe
  • Samples
  • The skin library and skin editor manual
  • The documentation - AppFace Skin Library Program Guide


Development Environments

Operation System :

Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista

Development Tool :

ASLSC is developed by Visual C++ 6.0 (with MFC), however you can build the project with Visual C++ 6.0,7.0,7.1 or 8.0 (MFC needed) .

The recommended development environments : Windows XP and Visual C++ 6.0 .


ASLSC Package

After purchase, you will get a download URL and a CD, both of them contains ASLSC compressed package (7.1 MB) . The figure list the content in the package .

In ASLSC, each function has its comments ; each souce file has its introduction ; each child project has its readme file ; the whole project has an program guide named "AppFace skin library program guide" . All of them help developers to understand the souce code easily .

The Folder Content

The license statement and AppFace skin library program guide .

The manuals of AppFace skin library and the skin editor .

The output library files (AppFace MFC static library files).

AppFace.dll, URFs and the samples output binary files.

The full C++ source codes of AppFace .There are total six child projects in Src folder : AppFace.dll, AppFaceLib, SkinTool.exe, UrfTest.exe and two help library projects . It has more than 90 thousands lines souce code in the whole project .

The samples of AppFace for VC/VB6/Delphi/C++ Builder/VB.Net/C#/Pure Basic/Win32 SDK.



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