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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Books :: A.M.O. Junko and the Prophesy

    A.M.O. Junko and the Prophesy
A.M.O. Junko and the Prophesy 

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A little boy, JUNKO, was born in a remote village of Africa. One rainy night, JUNKO, playing on the unpaved ground inside his hut, water sneaked its way in and touched his skin. Having the ability to transform himself into anything he touches, JUNKO’s half body, became mud. His parents and the villagers, frightened by the thought of JUNKO being possessed by demons attempted to murder him. Fortunately, CRABU, a half human and half owl, rescued him that night and brought him to The King of Bandel, KING PAUL, who raised him as his own son.

A decade later, ORACULA, the oracle of a new prophesy, came uninvited to the kingdom, to deliver the news that The Kingdom of Bandel is threatened by an evil force, REFFICUL, a mad-god, dethroned by the power of the three underworld gods: MOUNTAIN LION, THE HAWK, and THE MAZE GOD.

REFFICUL’s evil plan is to possess, rule the world, and destroy the human race.

The prophesy said the royal couple’s only son, would be murdered if he is not protected by JUNKO, his guardian. Oracula, gave a ‘medallion’ to the king, so JUNKO, when the time came, would help the prince escape the hands of a mad god.

REFFICUL, would in vain, try to murder PRINCE PAUL, the only son of the royal family will engender, so the prophesy would fail.

After the birth of the new prince, CRABU, Junko’s rescuer, return back to Bandel, only to reveal to JUNKO that he, along many blenders like themselves, were called for training, to protect the onset of the prophesy.

On PRINCE PAUL’s 3rd. Birthday Party, REFFICUL came to kill the boy with the help of the three phantom; MALION, KALLION, and ARKTION. THE PANTHOMS, following the order of REFFICUL, killed PRINCE PAUL’s parents. PRINCE PAUL managed to escape with the help of JUNKO, his protector.

With the prince still alive, the hope of good prevailing upon evil would still be settled in the heart of the world.


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