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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Miscellaneous :: Shogi for You and Me

    Shogi for You and Me
Shogi for You and Me 

Price: $8.00


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Shogi For You and Me v.1.2 (soon to be Shogi: Samurai Chess)

Also, now you can purchase Shogi for You and Me v1.2 (soon to be Shogi: Samurai Chess™) on CD.   Add another license and a CD to your purchase -- this makes a great Christmas gift!

First I should explain that Shogi is a version of Chess, or Chess is a version of Shogi. They both come from the same game invented many centuries ago. Shogi is different from Chess in several ways, but the biggest is that pieces that are captured are used by the player who captured them. So 'end game' as found in Chess does not happen in Shogi.

traditional style shogi tokens or western style shogi tokens or
davis style shogi tokens or monochrome davis style shogi tokens

Shogi also has a 9 x 9 playing board instead of an 8 x 8 board like Chess. The pieces in Shogi are King, Knight, Pawn, Bishop, Rook, Gold General, Silver General and Lance. (These of course are not the Japanese names for the pieces.)

One challenge for new players of Shogi, is that traditionally the pieces have Kanji on them. This is very hard for English speakers. I've modified this to version to use either kanji OR pictures which make more sense to English speakers. I've also made some levels of the game play easier for players, so that even a young child can find a level they can win against. This will introduce anyone new to Shogi in a gentle way, before they tackle the Kanji versions.

Shogi for You and Me (soon to be Shogi:Samurai Chess™) can easily be used as a tutorial for new players of Shogi.

See our new Support FAQ for technical and purchase issues!

Shogi Cover Shogi for You and Me v1.2 - Mac OS X, Linux, Windows
(soon to be Shogi:Samurai Chess™)
Shogi is a Japanese version of chess. If you
enjoy chess you'll love Shogi. I have included
a traditional kanji style token view as
well as a beautiful icon style views including
"Davis Style" tokens and "Western Style" tokens.

Buy on CD today!

Once you have the CD, install Java if you need to and then double click the JAR to start the game, or type 'java -jar Shogi.jar' at the command line.



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