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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Miscellaneous :: Chameleon Professional

    Chameleon Professional
Chameleon Professional 

Price: $99.00


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Chameleon is the answer to your online advertising needs!

  How many hours, days, weeks, or perhaps months, have you wasted
  attempting to set up classified advertising software to meet your
  specific needs, only to eventually realize it's just a general purpose
               script that requires lots of time and money to customize?

This Is No Ordinary Reptile!

Sure, Chameleon can be used for general advertising too, if you wish. Configure it in minutes to accept all types of ads. If you want to be specific, Chameleon will have you up and running in minutes, with ad submission and search forms tailored just the way you like. For professionals, Chameleon is a time-saver... no need to manually type and retype details into a generic form, just point and click your way to making great ads!

Chameleon can set itself up in minutes to operate as a virtual showroom for ANYTHING, including:

a real estate agency
an automobile dealership
a computer shop
a camera shop
a restaurant menu
a bookstore
a music store
an escort service (nevermind why :-) )
a basic dating site
etc etc etc...

What type of business do you operate? Odds are, Chameleon will put your products/services on the web within minutes, in the exact format you prefer!

Chameleon Offers a Pleasant Change From the Usual

No doubt you've encountered many advertising programs... some are free, some are not. In either case, you WILL need to spend money. If you are not familiar with HTML markup or scripting languages, you WILL need to hire someone to customize your program. If you lack the design skills to implement an attractive user interface, you WILL need to pay someone to design it. These things, among others, may end up costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars by the time your advertisng package finally behaves and looks as you want it to.

Chameleon does not involve you in such nonsense. Once you've obtained the software package, unzip it and upload its contents to your server. No files to edit by hand, no server permissions to set, no fiddling around... just upload it and run it from a web browser.

You do not need to pay a designer to customize Chameleon. You do not need to hire a programmer to customize how Chameleon behaves. Just go to your admin control panel and point and click your way to customizing Chameleon to your taste. You do not need to hire someone to manage Chameleon's data. From your admin control panel, you can easily create, edit, and delete ads; attach, replace, or remove photo attachments; create, edit, and delete staff or client acounts; reassign ads to different user IDs; change your company info as often as you like and each ad will update itself accordingly!

To check out Chameleon for yourself, just download the FREE version and install it on your web server. The FREE version of Chameleon never expires. However, it does not include some of the functionality that is available in Chameleon PRO.

Server Requirements

Please be sure that your server environment includes the following configuration. To find out your server's configuration details, you can do so after uploading the Chameleon package to it, by typing a URL similar to the one below into your browser window (replace necessary parts of the url path with your own):



- PHP 4.2 or greater
- Apache (or equivalent) server
- sendmail (or equivalent)
- in php.ini - safe mode should be turned OFF *
- in php.ini - magic_quotes should be turned OFF **


Although Chameleon was partially developed and tested on Windows-based systems and generally works, the mail functions may return errors and fail to execute. This is because Chameleon relies on the presence of the *NIX-standard sendmail component and it's not guaranteed that your Windows-based server is using sendmail... therefore, only a UNIX/Linux based host is recommended at this time. Before ordering the Chameleon PRO package, please test the free Chameleon LE package beforehand for your Windows-based server.

* if 'safe mode' is ON, Chameleon may not be able to auto-install itself completely. A manual installation is, however, still possible

** if 'magic_quotes' is ON, Chameleon's built-in document editor may not function correctly... you will need an external HTML/PHP editor such as Macromedia Homesite (for Windows), Barebones BBEdit (for Macintosh), or a plain text editor (Notepad, SimpleText, etc) to create/modify your homepage documents and language file.



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