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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Fun and Games :: Pentagonia: Java Program on 1 GB USB Wristband

    Pentagonia: Java Program on 1 GB USB Wristband
Pentagonia:  Java Program on 1 GB USB Wristband 

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Pentagonia i On December 7, 1999, it was one of eight games listed in the Princeton Packet's Last Minute Gift Guide ; it was one of eight games chosen for a Most Enjoyed Games list compiled by Rutgers University students in the fall of 1999.  In the fall of 2002, it was one of 25 products - games, software, toys, books, cd's etc. - included in the American National Association for Gifted Children's 2002 Holiday Toy list.

It's unique quality make it the perfect gift because it's not likely to be one of those "duplicate gifts" that have to get returned, and yet it has such an appeal that the receiver will truly appreciate the gift and enjoy many hours of entertainment.

Who Would Like Pentagonia?

For ages 8 & up, Pentagonia facilitates the development and improvement of reasoning and pattern recognition skills, the ability to think ahead, and an understanding of the relationship between goal formulation, plan implementation, and reward.  Independent reviewers at the non-profit National Parenting Center describe Pentagonia as "a game you'll want to play over and over again."   The game seems to especially appeal to teens, university students , and basically anyone that likes challenging games.  Many describe it as "addictive" .

What makes Pentagonia New and Unique?
  • Four potential game phases create/enhance game play among players of differing levels of skill and experience and serves to create intergenerational game play. Besides the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, players can derive pleasure from smiting their opponent in the first or second phase, or by taking their opponent through all four game phases - depending of course, on whether they are the more or less experienced player.
  • Rule modifications, and the four potential game phases, including our introduction of a jump phase when a losing player still has a realistic chance of winning, help offset the substantial first move advantage that existed in Pentagonia's ancestor games.
  • Players must analyze constantly through-out the game:when determining which of their game buttons to move or place, and where; and, when the opportunity arises, which of their opponent's game pieces is best removed.
  • Every movement or removal of a game button impacts on the game, so both players must fully immerse themselves in the game if they wish to win.
  • Pentagonia is not a culturally specific game, or game in which membership in a race or culture creates advantages or disadvantages viz. persons from other races and cultures.
  • Pentagonia is played on a five-sided playing surface that is printed on a square non-folding board.
  • Players can learn the basics of the game in minutes. It is almost as easy to learn as Tic-Tac-Toe. On the other hand, it is not a simple game and will be a challenge to master.
  • Games can be completed in under 20 minutes.
  • Pentagonia teaches reasoning and pattern recognition skills, the relation between goal setting or planning and reward, and the benefits of anticipatory thinking.
  • One of eight new games selected for inclusion in a Most Enjoyed Games list compiled by Game Review Students attending Rutgers University in December of 1999.
  • Broad appeal to a wide range of players. 



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