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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Miscellaneous :: Delegator - Initial License (up to 5 users)

    Delegator - Initial License (up to 5 users)
Delegator -  Initial License (up to 5 users) 

Price: $590.00


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DELEGATOR has been developed to help staff and management of all levels coordinate and manage the activities of subordinates, colleagues, themselves, and others. Unlike project management software, is oriented to the needs of the managers and staff not the project specialists. While an effective tool for managing projects. DELEGATOR's main focus is on managing a wide variety of often unrelated assignments and the people who carry them out. 

Whether your organization is a broad single level team, a tightly structured chain of command or something in between, you can adjust DELEGATOR to your organization's needs.

DELEGATOR respects the time constraints most managers and staff face. It is powerful, but takes little time to learn and use. Users can begin using DELEGATOR quickly and learn its more advanced features as they need them. Here are just some of the things DELEGATOR will help you and your organization to carry out.

Track Assignments
Browse through assignments that are due or look ahead to those that will be coming due. Each assignment can have any numbers of "reminders" to take action or enquire about progress before the assignment is due. Assignments can be set to repeat at regular times.

Plan Workloads
Review upcoming assignments of individual staff members or groups, and easily adjust due dates and priorities.

Communicate Priorities
As you create or change assignments, the information is instantly conveyed to the other DELEGATOR user responsible for the assignment. For assignments to someone other than a DELEGATOR user, print out or e-mail the assignment details. Lists of assignments sorted by importance, due date or other criteria can be viewed on screen by DELEGATOR users, printed out or emailed as pdf's for others

Review Performance
DELEGATOR automatically records the details of each assignment. If desired, confidential comments by the manager can be included with the assignment information.

Manage Complex Projects
Related assignments can be grouped together as projects to let users and groups plan, track and review.

Remember Important Events
DELEGATOR can bring upcoming birthdays, important anniversaries, or other events to the attention of individual users, groups of users or the whole organization.

Focus on Goals
DELEGATOR is a great to-do list and bring-forward system for day-to-day activities of individual users. At the same time, it keeps long term goals clearly visible.



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