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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Miscellaneous :: TreePad X Enterprise (384 Gb, single-user)

    TreePad X Enterprise (384 Gb, single-user)
TreePad X Enterprise (384 Gb, single-user) 

Price: $89.95


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TreePad main screen, all tool bars visible. Click to enlarge.

TreePad Enterprise main screen.
Click to enlarge


TreePad X Enterprise (single-user) represents the 'next generation' Personal Database, Word Processor and Organizer with the unique ability to access, edit, store and search databases of up to 384 Gigabytes (or 12 Gigabytes, depending on the version).
Additionally, you can open up to eight databases simultaneously.
TreePad X Enterprise has been redesigned from the ground up using the most advanced database technology for maximum performance and reliability.


Ease of use
Despite its obvious power, TreePad X Enterprise remarkably offers the habitual standards of all TreePad products: it is just as easy to use, as easy to install, and likewise does not need any complicated drivers or dll's - so it never messes up your system nor clogs up your Windows directory.
To find any text, phrase or document you previously edited, created or imported, just browse the tree, in the same way as you browse directories/folders in the Windows Explorer. Alternatively, you can also use the powerful, fast internal search engine to locate any document inside the database.


Ease of installation
TreePad Enterprise does not need any complicated drivers or dll's, so it will not mess up your system or clog up your Windows directory.
To install it, conveniently run the installer, or manually copy the files to your hard disk. You can also run it without installing anything; it is so small and uncomplicated that you can safely run it from floppy(!!).


Articles and nodes
All data is contained in 'articles'; an article is the document shown in the right pane of the program window. Any article is contained in a 'node' which is an item or folder in the tree (left pane).
You can browse the tree in just the same way as you browse the tree of the Windows Explorer. When you click on a node (folder) the associated article will appear in the right pane.


Tree icons

Each tree node can be marked with its own icon. TreePad comes with its own default icon library, containing a set of 160 useful tree-icons. A large number of additional icon libraries is available for free.
For utmost convenience, TreePad offers a variety of icon management functions: copy/paste of icons between tree nodes, paste icon to entire subtree, apply icon to entire subtree, set default icon for subtree, create new icon libraries, load icon libraries, hide tree icons, etc.


Tree checkmarks

Tree nodes can also be marked with 'check marks', which can be shown or hidden for each node individually, as well as globally for a whole subtree or the total tree.
Checkmarks, when visible, not only serve as an additional indicator, but can also be used to filter data during search, print or export.


Tree node marking
Not only can Tree nodes can be individually marked by setting a different icon or check mark, but you can also change the color, size, style (bold / italic / underline / strikeout), background color and font-name of each node title.


Spell checker
TreePad Enterprise features a customizable spell-checker supporting more than 20 languages, and a thesaurus. Additionally, the spell-checker allows you to define your own words to be stored inside custom dictionaries.
Spellcheck dialog


Hyperlinks and auto-dial
TreePad Enterprise supports active hyperlinks (blue and underlined) as well as image hyperlinks to phone numbers (auto-dial), internal TreePad nodes/articles, to documents, folders and programs on your hard disk, to Web pages, email addresses, FTP sites, news groups.
A real time saver is the fact that you can insert multiple hyperlinks to local documents in one go.
Relative and absolute hyperlinks are also supported, as well as auto-detection of hyperlinks (pasted and typed).


Article editing
TreePad Enterprise allows full rich text editing of articles; font: bold, italic, underline, strike through, subscript, superscript, color, font background color, font name, font size, color-marker; paragraph: left, right, center, justify, bullets (normal, numbered, alphabetic, etc.), indents, recursive bullet nesting through the indent function, adjust left/right margins, optional line-select and word-select, copy/paste of text-formatting, insert ascii code; tables: create, insert/delete rows, insert/delete columns, combine rows/columns/cells, show/hide table borders, set a different color for individual cells, show/hide borders of individual cells, resize columns, resize table, align table, align text inside cells.
Articles without any Rich Text formatting are automatically stored as plain text, to save disk space.


Character map
TreePad Enterprise comes with its own built-in multi-font character map for easy insertion of symbols and special characters from various languages, including Portugese, Spanish, French, German, Danish, etc.


TreePad Enterprise enables you to display, insert, export, copy/paste/clone and store many Gigabytes of images. The program currently supports .png, .jpg, .gif, .emf, .wmf, .ico and .bmp images. Images are stored in their native format without any conversion or information loss (with optional automatic compression), and can be exported to their native type or converted to other image file types.


Insert files of any type and reasonable size into the database (as attachment). Insert multiple files/attachments in one go, export or open/start multiple attachments simultaneously.
One can also embed an entire directory of files into the database (as a list of attachments), and
- insert the files in all contained subdirectories as well (recursive import) or
- include only the files in the selected directory (non-recursive import)


Tree editing
You can create any tree structure you want! It is very easy to add nodes/articles to the tree, delete nodes/articles, move whole sub-trees around using 'drag-and-drop', (reverse)sort subtree or entire tree (recurse/non-recurse), number subtree (recurse/non-recurse), etc.



(1) Rearrange the tree by dragging nodes to another location.

(2) Move blocks of text inside the article using drag-drop.

(3) Drop text blocks from the article into the tree.

(4) Drop texts and hyperlinks from other programs (like Netscape or MS Word) directly into the article or tree.

(5) Drop one or more files (from e.g. the Windows Explorer) into the treepad article to create file hyperlinks.

(6) Drop one or more files (from e.g. the Windows Explorer) onto the tree to directly import those files as tree nodes/articles.

(7) Drag-drop files of any type into the attachment pane to import these files into the database.

(8) Drag-drop files of any type into the article and import them as images and attachments.

(9) Drag-drop an entire folder (from e.g. the Windows Explorer) onto the tree to recursively import all (importable) files and folders.


Mass node mover
A dedicated 'mass node mover' screen enables one to swiftly perform multiple tree operations in one go.
Because this dialog is built around a two-pane tree view, nodes can be moved easily from one location in the tree to another location through drag-drop between the two panes.


Agendas, calendars and to-do lists
TreePad X Enterprise comes with very flexible and powerful built-in eternal agendas/calendars.
This functionality never runs out! You can even generate agendas and calendars for dates as far away as 2010, 2109, 2264, etc.

Tree-based agenda

You can generate tree-based agendas and calendars, as well as article-based agendas, calendars and to-do lists. Furthermore, agendas and calendars can be grouped by days, weeks or months.
For more information, please see this page.  

Tree clipboard
Copy/cut/paste complete sub trees including all contained articles as easily as you cut/copy/paste blocks of text in a standard document. You can copy/cut/paste of sub trees between different documents and different TreePad instances running (including other TreePad versions).


Recycle bin
Deleted nodes, attachments, articles, images and icons are moved to the recycle bin awaiting final deletion.
TreePad's recycler not only allows exporting deleted attachments, images and icons, but can also move deleted nodes and articles back to the main database.

Recycle bin

TreePad recycle bin. Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.


The contents article can be zoomed from 10% to 1000%. The tool bar system is fully customizable, tool bars can be hidden, shown, you can move them around and place them anywhere, even in the main area of the program so that they become little floating tool windows.


Minimize to tray, show always in tray when minimized, show always in taskbar when minimized, show always in tray when active, show always in taskbar when active, activate from tray by single or double click.


Date, time and units
Calendar dialog to insert a selected date into the article or tree, insert the current date/time, define your own date and time formats, TreePad can be set to use centimeters or inches.


Extended clipboard features
TreePad makes your life easier with its extended Windows clipboard functions: copy/paste of (Rich) Text, copy/paste/clone of images (bitmap, vector), copy/paste as plain text, automatic paste of Rich Text and images, automatic paste as plain text, automatic paste into tree or article, copy/paste of text-formatting, copy/paste of trees, copy/paste of trees between different documents, TreePad instances and other TreePad versions.


Send emails
TreePad X Enterprise comes with a flexible built-in client for sending articles by email (through SMTP), with support for:

(1) sending email as HTML (with formating)

(2) sending email as plain text

(3) email authentication (optional)

(4) detailed status display for following the communication with the SMTP server

(5) specify "name from" and "email from"

(6) specify "name to" and "email to"

(7) specify subject

(8) specify multiple "CC" addresses separated by comma's

(9) specify multiple "BCC" addresses separated by comma's


TPX Enterprise is compatible with the other TreePad versions: it can import from and export to all other TreePad versions.


One can switch between ten skins to adjust the appearance of the program. The following skins are available: classic, chrome, aluminium, silver 1, silver 2, blue sky, blue metallic, vanilla, purple and green. The skin 'chrome' is shown here. Two other skins are demonstrated directly below.

Silver skin

TreePad Silver skin

Aluminium skin

TreePad Aluminium skin

Instant Website generation!
TreePad is also a very powerful documentation tool! With only a few mouse clicks you can generate a complete Web site from your data, including expandable/collapsible tree nodes (Javascript), HTML pages, images (GIF, JPEG, PNG), hyperlinks and index page. With TreePad X Enterprise you don't need to edit, manage or maintain any HTML pages or worry about broken hyperlinks!
Non-internet image types, like BMP and EMF are automatically converted to JPEG and GIF during export. Examples of Web sites generated with TreePad can be found here.


Additional and advanced HTML functions
Quick HTML preview of tree or article, quick HTML export of tree or article, quick view article HTML source, directly insert HTML source code into the article, as well as Javascript, PHP, Perl, ASP, etc..


Article search dialog
Convenient article search and search/replace dialog with the following options: case sensitive, count occurrences/replacements, start from cursor, search whole words, replace all/one, confirm replace, show/hide options, switch to tree-search, close dialog when done.

Article search dialog. Click to enlarge.

Article search dialog.
Click to enlarge.


TreePad X Enterprise introduces an wide range of import and export capabilities:

(1) Export of any subtree (nodes/articles) to multiple files (HTML, Text or RTF). This can be done recursively (optional) creating new directories at each new level.

(2) Export of any subtree (nodes/articles) to a complete Website including dynamic Javascript tree navigation pane and/or static HTML tree navigation pane.

(3) Export of a subtree (nodes/articles) to a single HTML file with tree indentations at each new level.

(4) Export of a subtree (nodes/articles) to a single RTF file

(5) Export of a subtree (nodes/articles) to single text file.

(6) Export of a subtree to TreePad 2.x and TreePad 6.x files (including images and tree icons).

(7) Import any TreePad 2.x or TreePad 6.x file (including images and tree icons) as a subtree.

(8) Conversion of a subtree into a stand-alone exe-eBook for easy distribution. This is a single executable file containing the data (text, images, icons, links) as well as the viewer program (including search engine). Note: the text-part of the subtree you want to convert to this format needs to be 20 Mb or less.

(9) Conversion into a wide variety of popular formats, such as PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, CSV, XLS, XML, and many more through external utilities.

(10) Import multiple (.txt, .rtf, .html) files at once into a subtree: any selection and combination of file types can be imported into a subtree in one go

(11) Import multiple hyperlinks to files in one go

(12) Import images directly from .png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .emf, .wmf and .ico files. All image types are stored compressed without any loss of quality, and in their native format.

(13) Convert and export all image types directly to .png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .emf and .wmf files.

(14) Any individual article can be exported to an HTML, Rich Text or plain text file.

(15) HTML, Rich Text or plain text files can also be 'inserted' into an article at any cursor position.

(16) Insert files of any type and reasonable size into the database (as attachment).

(17) Insert entire directory of files of any type and reasonable size (including subdirectories, optional) as a list of attachments.

(18) Import Windows shortcuts and Internet Explorer bookmarks into the tree (menu: database/import/into tree)

(19) Import Mozilla and Netscape bookmarks through regular HTML file import

(20) Import from Mindmanager using a MindManager plugin.


Powerful navigation options

(1) Scrollable history list of tree-nodes, including history-back/forward.

(2) Scrollable search-results list of tree-nodes.

(3) List of favorite databases, including management functions for items-add/remove/order.

(4) List of recent databases (menu/database/reopen)

(5) Flexible hyperlink system to internal tree-nodes or documents (Web, files, FTP, email).

(6) Tree navigation tool bar and menu


Presentation Mode
You can convert TreePad Enterprise into a powerful presentation program by activating the (full-screen) presentation mode. Please see the screen shot below.
Navigate to different slides/articles by clicking on the tree, by using the floating navigation tool bar or by using keyboard shortcuts.
In presentation mode you can also hide the tree or the article, or show both.

TreePad Enterprise in Presentation Mode (full-screen), with article visible, tree hidden and the navigate tool bar floating. Please click image to enlarge

Presentation Mode (full-screen),
with navigate tool bar floating.

Disk catalogs

TreePad X Enterprise can generate catalogs of your disks and directories. A disk catalog can be useful e.g. in creating a searchable database of all your removable disks (CD's, floppies, ZIP disks, etc.). Having such a database will simplify finding the right disk when you need a certain program or data file. With this function you can also create and manage shortcuts to files and directories on your hard disk.
This option is more extended than what can be found in specialized disk-catalog programs like CatFish and Cathy which do not possess TreePad's advanced search, organizing, reporting, print, export, import and HTML generation capabilities.
And last but not least, files and directories are represented as hyperlinks, activating the hyperlink will automatically open the file or directory if the corresponding disk or directory exists and is accessible by your system.

Disk reports
The disk catalog function has some additional features which usually are only found in disk-reporting tools like e.g. Disktective: TreePad not only lists the name, size and date of individual files, and the amount of free disk space, but also the total real size of a directory (that is, the size of a directory including all containing subdirectories and files!). Disk reports can be printed, exported to HTML, RTF, etc.


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