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    3D BigBang
3D BigBang 

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3D BigBang is an Entirely New Type of Game. This one is a combination of both the traditional and addictive Breakout and Pong Games but played in true 3D Atmosphere. This one has in it all the tricks and trails of the traditional breakout games like moving ball, moving pad, the blocks, scores,levels,lives and firing of bullets, removing blocks with ball and bullets, bonus points and bonus lives etc. The main difference which makes 3D BigBang to stand out from the other breakout and pong games is that this one is played in true 3 Dimensional Atmosphere where as the other 3d breakout games are actually 2d games in 3d atmosphere. In 3D BigBang the BALL moves in all three directions (left/right, up/down and forward and backward) and you can move your pad in two directions(left/right and up/down). Also you have got glittering (like diamond jewels) blocks instead of dull looking bricks and also moving and rotating blocks. Managing both the moving ball and firing gives you an excellent training in mind concentration and improves your overall skills