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Do you know how much your personal belongings, collections or business assets are worth ??

Few people realize just how much they have invested in "things" over the years. You want to add it up - start with furniture or collectibles you may have owned forever.

If you would need to replace everything today, do you know what it would cost?

Everyone who owns anything of value should keep accurate records, including pictures of valuable items.

With My Empire desktop software application you can catalog, inventory and save detailed information and images of all your personal property, belongings, household items and business assets in one easy application. Print out all details and keep in a secure place in the event of loss.

No preset choices to limit location or places. Categories can be whatever you decide to name them and as many as you can think of. Log and retrieve origin, insurance, repair or service names and addresses, phone numbers, email and websites.

Large variety of printouts include:

Quick reports where YOU choose the layout

Items in a specified category

Single item including image if available

Items in a specified location

Entire list of inventory

Additional Features:

Record important details on vehicles of any type you may own. Anything from a passenger car to a bicycle, boat or airplane to mention just a few possibilities.

If you own a vacation home, vacant land or investment property, you can list it here. Optionally record any content in the main inventory by creating a unique category.

Includes other special interest modules for cataloging collections such as Books, Music and a database to record all your software.

So, whether you just want to know how much all your stuff is worth, where it came from and who to call for service or repair, or you need documentation for homeowner insurance or content insurance or for tax purposes, My Empire can handle it with a minimum of effort at a very affordable price.