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    Family Funds Tracker - Professional
Family Funds Tracker - Professional 

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About The Software

Family Funds Tracker is an easy to use program for recording, reporting and analyzing your income, expenses, and savings or investments. By knowing where it's coming from and going to you are better equipped to get a handle on your financial situation. The program has a standard version and a very powerful pro version. Choose feature matrix from the menu to see which version is right for you.

Now more than ever it is crucial that you know where you are financially.

What Users Are Saying...

My husband and I looked, researched, and used different financial programs to keep track of our expenses. Most of the ones we tried were so cumbersome to use and overwhelmingly hard to understand. When we found The Family Funds Tracker I was desperate for something to work. We felt as is money was flying out of our house without us knowing where it was going. We were surprised how simple this program is to use. It does everything that we need it to do and then some. I know exactly where all our money is being spent. It takes me approximately one minute a day to keep our financial records up to date. I even set our budget realistically with the yearly or monthly averages that it will calculate for you. This program is truly the easiest yet comprehensive tool out there to help families keep financial control.Sincerely,
P. H. Lawrenceville, Georgia.

I have a small business and I needed something easy to control my financial data, and I found after long research a program called Family Funds Tracking. I am very pleased that this program satisfies my needs for my family and business. Best regards, keep up the good work!
Mark T
Chicago, IL

I'm in the 70+ age group and computers are a mystery to me so I was very glad to find Family Funds Tracker. It's very easy to use and I can keep track of all my income, expenses and investments. At tax time I just filter the records on the grid and then with the new grid printing it's a breeze to print reports for my accountant. I just love it!
L.K. Lagrange, IN