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    LASsie for MS Access - Single Application License
LASsie for MS Access -  Single Application License 

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LASsie (Light Application Security) is a Microsoft Access Add-In that enhances your Access application with a simplified user security system. Intended as an alternative to Access’ built-in security, LASsie offers a less complicated way to secure forms, reports, controls and certain records from unauthorized user access.

With LASsie, you can:

  • Prevent a user from opening specific forms or reports
  • Restrict a user's ability to update data on a form
  • Disable certain controls on a form for a user
  • Filter certain records for a given user
  • Incorporate a sign-on form into your application
  • Optionally use network login username instead of sign-on form
  • Add/edit/remove users and Security Levels

LASsie is called "light" application security because it is not intended to be a robust, high-end security application. In fact, a sophisticated user could edit the underlying tables and change their own security level. By hiding the LASsie tables, and/or linking to them in an external, encrypted database, you could minimize the possibility of such potential breaches, but you should understand that we do not guarantee that such a breach will never occur. That being said, LASsie can serve quite well as an application security system where users are relatively unsophisticated, or where application data is not of a highly classified nature.

Supports the 2007 Office system.