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    Braveheart 3D Checkers II
Braveheart 3D Checkers II 

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A checkers game based on the Scottish Braveheart featuring a strong AI in a full 3D rendered environment. This engine has been upgraded from a chess engine, as a result the engine can calculate all possibilities up to the depth of 15 moves in a few seconds! The game has 5 difficulty levels making it a good opponent for advanced players as well as beginners. This is the first checkers game ever made in a full 3D environment. All pieces are in 3D and the room in which the game takes place is also in 3D. Every action like saving, loading, starting a new game or exiting the game, is done by choosing the appropriate 3D item in the game.In this second installment, the 3D engine has been enhanced greatly. You can customize every aspect of the 3D environment as well as the in-game sound! The AI is also much stronger and faster, making it the strongest checkers AI ever made.