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    InstallDialogue - Site License
InstallDialogue -  Site License 

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InstallDialogue for InstallShield Pro/Dev:

The professional custom dialog solution for IS developers.
"It looked so simple, that I didn't realize how powerful it was"
  • InstallDialogue supports IS 5.x, IS 6.x, IS 7.x Pro, IS Developer, InstallShield 10.x, InstallShield 11.x and InstallShield 12.x.
  • Full featured dialog editor with script code generator.
  • Set the bitmap for welcome dialog.
  • Enhance InstallShield Sd- dialogs without editing resources.
  • Easy localisation of your custom dialogs using string table entries.
  • Design your dialog box from the script in run-time.
  • Shortened development time. (save money!)
  • Tutorial - Build your first dialogs with an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial.
  • Hyperlink control - have users go straight to your web site.
  • Build extended input controls, as date control, IP address etc.
  • Free unlimited support.
  • Bitmap and Icon controls
  • Bitmap and Icon push buttons
  • Easy resizing of dialogs and standard controls
  • Check and download updates easily using WebUpdate

With InstallDialogue you can do all the coding in InstallShield Script. InstallDialogue defines about 140 functions for you you use when you are working with your custom dialogs.

There are functions for creating dialogs, creating controls, moving controls, re-sizing controls, setting and getting the data of a control, and then some more.

InstallDialogue adds a concept of Notifications which allows you to add intelligence to your dialogs.
Notifications are sent back to the script when the user interacts with the controls of your dialog.

The main feature of InstallDialogue is that it makes it possible to create dialogs and controls directly from the script. This feature is used by the dialog editor. The output of the editor is nothing but a script file, that you can debug using the built-in debugger of InstallShield. And you can edit it in your favourite editor too. Just beware not to spoil the formatting needed by the InstallDialogue editor.

Using InstallDialogue you don't need any resource editor to create a custom dialog, you don't need a resource editor to enhance or modify one of InstallShields dialogs.