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    Etecad File Manager (EFM) - Professonal
Etecad File Manager (EFM) - Professonal 

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An effective and inexpensive CAD and graphic image organizer and viewer, Etecad File Manager is a Windows CAD graphics file manager and viewer rolled into one.  It is a front end tool to AutoCad as well as allowing use of AutoCad files without having/using AutoCad.

It helps you:
  • Locate, retrieve, view, and plot files quickly
  • Attach descriptions to files and directories for easy identification and enhanced search capability
  • Share a variety of file formats with non-CAD users
  • Convert DWF to DWG formats; PLT to DXF format
  • Convert DWG and PLT to PDF and DWF formats
  • Support AutoCAD 2008, front end to AutoCAD 2009
  • Support Line Merge for any single page PDF file
EFM supports the following formats: DWG, DXF, PLT, HPGL/2, PDF, DWF, BMP, CALS, ECW, EMF, DC5, EPS, ICO, WMF, JPG, GIF, PCX, TARGA, TIFF, PNG, HTML, RTL, SVG, CGM, DOC, TXT, SLD, SLB, XLS, and RTF. EFM installs easily, loads fast, and is optimized for high-efficiency work with AutoCAD/IntelliCAD.

In essence, EFM creates order out of chaos, helps you organize your work, and saves you valuable time and money!