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    AdRem sfConsole 5.x - 1 Server
AdRem sfConsole 5.x -  1 Server 

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Using remote console included in NetWare - RConsole (TID 2950563) creates a risk of capturing administrator's password or even server hacking. AdRem sfConsole protects servers against such problems: data is sent through fully safe, encrypted connection and every single access must be authorized by NDS(TM).

Local console protection:
sfConsole fully protects local (physical) server console. The user must provide an username and password to access the local server console. Access to server screens and debugger is forbidden prior to login.

Console access administration:
Secure Remote is fully integrated with NDS(TM), compatible with Single Sign-on(TM) technology and allows to manage server console access rights for specific users and groups. Administrator can grant specific user the right to carry out only specific tasks on the servers (i.e. backup, running selected scripts, server monitoring).

WAN and Internet:
Secure Console enables remote operation on servers even in extremely overloaded wide area networks and via modem. Thanks to a specially developed compression algorithm, it works safely and effectively even with very slow Internet connections.