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    Cub Reporter - Upgrade to Unlimited Lic with Source Code
Cub Reporter - Upgrade to Unlimited Lic with Source Code 

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Cub Reporter is a set of Microsoft Access objects that you can add into your application to expand the capabilities of your MS Access reports. It takes field names from your report detail section, values from your report's underlying table or query, and uses them in combo and list boxes on flexible criteria and sorting/grouping forms. Using these forms, you can dynamically change your report criteria, sorting, and grouping options so that you don't need multiple copies of the same basic report to fit each report variation. You create the basic report layout, and Cub Reporter does the rest!

Cub Reporter eases report maintenance because layout, criteria, and sorting changes only need to be made in one place. Users also have the ability to easily create and save their own criteria, and sorting options, which will free you up for other tasks. Once saved, the criteria and sort is available to all Cub Reporter-enhanced reports.

It's simple to implement - Just import the Cub Reporter objects into your database, and add one line of code to your report OnOpen event procedure! Then, when you open your report, you'll be able to dynamically set your report criteria and sorting options via the provided Criteria and Sort forms.