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    VAR Grade - Update
VAR Grade - Update 

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VAR Grade contains all the features that you need and expect to find in a gradebook program. It has no artificial limits that other programs have. It has numerous unusual or unique features.

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Our gradebook programs have been hailed as flexible and complete grading programs.  They allow you to grade, record attendance, and do seating charts for your classes. These are complete grading systems, and will do just about anything that you need or want to do regarding class records. In particular, they allow you to record, analyze, and print grades and attendance, do seating charts, and enter and use database items. In general, the program allows an almost unlimited number of students, grades, attendance, database items, reports and analyses.  They even come with a customizable report maker.  They are internet enabled, including email capabliities.

Key Benefits

bullet Unlimited students, classes, assignments (tasks), etc.
bullet You can use seating charts, database items, attendance, etc.
bullet Letter or number grades.
bullet There are numerous ways you can set up how you determine grades. You aren't limited to just one method! For example, you can discard some, weight them, use attendance with them, average and sum them, etc.
bullet Ability to separate students into sections.
bullet Extensive plotting and statistical abilities (T-scores, correlations, percentiles, z-scores, etc). Plot by class, individual, and more.
bullet Custom grading systems can be used.
bullet Export and import data and grades, including from/to Excel.
bullet Extensive internet capabilities including posting of student grades, emailing students or parents, and automatically downloading updates via the internet.
bullet Passwords can be used to protect data or limit access.
bullet It is fully networkable.
bullet Installs on NT systems even if you don't have administrator privileges.
bullet And much more!