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ChemPen - via Disk 

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ChemPen is the low cost, easy to use tool for chemists, educators and students who need to create create drawings for chemical documentation. ChemPen+ includes everything in ChemPen plus basic C-13 chemical shift prediction.Drawing with ChemPen is done with menus, mouse clicks and simple editors. Drawings can be pasted into Windows® graphics applications. ChemPen calculates molecular weight, molecular formula and elemental composition. Watch the animation below or click the drawing to see how easy it was created with ChemPen.

A Drawing Example Animation

Animated GIF shows drawing steps

ChemPen+ adds C-13 NMR Shift prediction to ChemPen. If you use C-13 NMR to analyze organic molecules you will appreciate ChemPen+. ChemPen+ uses NMRPenLite©, the same powerful shift prediction module as NMRPen©. NMRPenLite differs from the more powerful NMRPen as follows:

1. ChemPen+'s database has about 1100 entries compared to NMRPen's more than 73000.
2. The user cannot add or remove shifts from the ChemPen+ database.
3. ChemPen+ handles molecules containing N, O, F, Cl, Br, I, S, P, Si.
4. ChemPen+ does not handle organometallic compounds.
5. NMRPen is based on ChemPen3D.