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Racing System 

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The Racing System is a race timing system.  It allows you to time races and produce race results.  It can be used for most types of races and any number of racers.  The concepts behind event software are pretty straight forward and we're worked hard to make sure that those concepts have been implemented in a easy-to-use package.

System features

  • easy to use.
  • hard to make mistakes.
  • handles any number of entrants.
  • comes with predefined classes / categories or create your own.
  • handles single lap or multi-lap events.
  • data export facilities in various formats:
    • CSV
    • CSV with headers
    • DBase2
    • DBase3
    • DIF
    • Excel
    • HTML Table
    • PowerSoft Report
    • SQL
    • SYLK
    • Text
    • WKS
    • WK1
    • Windows Metafile..
  • comprehensive error checking.
  • Race numbers can be assigned manually or automatically.
  • interim, preliminary, and final results.
  • accumulation of points based on finishing position.
  • order system is integrated with data entry for selling your merchandise (e.g. t-shirts).
  • can be customized for your needs.
  • can produce letters to entrants.
  • race proven over several years
  • Wizards to automate and simplify data setup.

If you're doing the results, you need something that's reliable and easy to use.  With many races, you have volunteers who have seen the software before.  That's when ease-of-use is most important.  For most of the races we organize, the volunteers produce the results.  The system has error checks built into it based upon our years of experience and the advice we've received from others.  It's easy to make a mistake but sometimes hard to detect it.  That's one of the prime features of our system: error checking.