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    VelociForm - Standard License
VelociForm - Standard License 

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VelociForm is a Microsoft Access form for add/change/delete/search that can display data from any table, query or SQL statement at runtime. With VelociForm, a beginning Access user can easily display data on a professional-looking form. An experienced developer can include VelociForm in his/her project to greatly reduce development time when dealing with forms for miscellaneous tables, and greatly reduce the number of forms in his/her database.

With VelociForm you can:

  • Instantly open an add/change/delete/search form based on your table or query definition
  • Quickly provide great looking forms to your end users
  • Forget about sizing and arranging controls on your form - VelociForm does it automatically for you
  • See your table or query changes reflected instantly on VelociForm
  • Have a consistent design for your add/change/delete/search forms for miscellaneous tables
  • Save time designing miscellaneous forms so you can spend time on more productive tasks

Supports the 2007 Office system.