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    Ace's Rescue - Blackbeard's Booty - Windows
Ace's Rescue - Blackbeard's Booty - Windows 

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A swashbuckling adventure for everyone!

Rescue Wes' fiancee from the evil clutches of Blackbeard the Pirate. Play Swords (Buccaneer's version of Spades) with Blackbeard's dastardly crew. Win all eight pieces of his treasure map to find her secret location!

  • Learn as ye play
    Interactive introductory tutorial and game coach.
  • A bona fide pirate experience
    Vivid, playful artwork and characters.
    Authentic music and game sounds set the mood.
  • Challenge
    Choose from six favorite Spades variations.
  • Cuttin' edge game design
    High definition graphics - Windows Vista ready.
  • Relax and Enjoy!