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    Fully automatic surface area analyzer F-sorb 2400
Fully automatic surface area analyzer F-sorb 2400 



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method: dynamic nitrogen flow and BET equation
Gas: N2(99.99%) and He(99.99%); mixed according to P/P0 value requirement
Flow velocity: less than 100mL/min
Flow controller: high resolution digital flow sensor with accuracy up to 0.1%
P/P0 range: 0.05~0.35
Function: (1)single-point BET, multi-point BET ( 4 sample measurement simultaneously )
(2)rapid ""reference sample comparison"" surface area measurement
Applicability: specific surface area 0.1㎡/g (minimum) ~3500㎡/g(maximum)
Reproducibility:within 2%
Efficiency: (1) 4 sample analysis simultaneously
(2) 20 min average for one sample with Multi-point BET
(3) 5 min average for one sample with single-point BET and ""reference sample comparison""
Data process: window-based software developed by ourselves; easy use and no complicated installation
Report format: multi-point P/Po and absorbed N2 volume table; BET plot;
Dewar pot: 400mL volume
Physical: 50(width)cm35(depth)cm59(height)cm
Weight: about 34 kg

Main accessories: (1)computer(desktop or notebook) with data processing software
(2)condensed N2 and He with pressure up to 12MPa and 40L volume respectively
(3)liquid Nitrogen container with 10L volume