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    File Investigator TOOLS for Windows (+1Yr Support)
File Investigator TOOLS for Windows (+1Yr Support) 

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File Investigator identifies 4,600+ file types. It uses 8 stages to identify files, including support for NTFS Alternate Data Streams (ADS). Generates Hash Codes: SHA-1, MD5, MD4, CRC32. Extracts information/metadata out of many file types: image resolutions, document titles, etc.. Has background info on most file formats. Identifies files that Windows doesn't recognize. Can correct wrong file extensions. Includes uninstaller. FI File Find uses a MS File Find user interface. Drag & Drop files onto the application or search for files by their content. FI Directory uses a DOS Dir command line interface, and has the ability to rename files using their metadata and file type. Please see the provider's WEB SITE for description details.