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With your own private PinKey, you can easily maintain a list of sites you need passwords for. Each site is described by name and designation. An account name and number for example, or simply words such as Account Name "Finance" Account designation "My Stockbroker". Ask TaskBuster to generate a numeric or alphanumeric password to the length you specify (8 to 18 characters long) and there is your password. You simply paste the password into the site you are accessing. No keystrokes. No compromising security.

Memo Manager is a simple way of maintaining a list of the things you have to do, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, up to a year in advance. Memos are sorted by date and can include reminders to pay bills, planning and booking a holiday, jobs and projects.The TaskBuster sign on screen includes a small graphic that clearly indicates when your memos are past due, due , or due soon. You then have the option of completing the task, or re scheduling it for a later date.
As this schedule of tasks is completed they can be archived under subject headings to create a time line of events for your records.

TaskBuster recognizes that most of the time we are backing up the same files and folders, and provides a simple way to set up repeatedly executed back up instructions. Several flash drives can be connected at once with back ups going to the designated drives. The contents of the drives can be viewed and edited, and back up management is easily set up with searches of your PC hard drive.