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    Mah Jongg (The REAL Game!) for Windows
Mah Jongg (The REAL Game!)  for Windows 

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This game features voices which call out when tiles are played, smooth tile animation, hints to help you play better, allows you to select tile sets and set game preferences, works out complex scoring for you, and features an extensive on-line help that teaches you how to play the game as well as providing a wealth of information about Mah Jongg. The game is suitable for all ages and for absolute beginners and experts alike.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 95 or 3.#. Tested on all current windows versions (3.10, 3.11, 95, 95b, 98, 98SE, NT3.51, NT4, W2000, XP, Vista).
Colour Monitor capable of at least 256 colours.
4 MB hard disk space.
Mouse recommended.
Sound Card recommended.
Sorry this game is not available for MAC PC's.