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TreePad  Business Edition 

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TreePad main screen. Click to enlarge.

TreePad main screen.
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Create eBooks, royalty-free!
TreePad and eBooks, a match in heaven! TreePad is just perfect for creating, generating, publishing and distributing eBooks, including images, icons, password protection, encryption, etc. without any effort. Several options are available:

(1) Publish your TreePad file as an executable (single-exe eBook)
(2) Publish your TreePad file with TreePad Viewer
(3) Publish your TreePad file as an online eBook (Website)
(4) Publish your TreePad file as a Windows help file, a HTML Help file or a PDF file (through an external utility)


Instant Website generation!
TreePad is also a very powerful documentation tool! With only a few mouse clicks you can generate a complete Web site from your data, including expandable/collapsible tree nodes (Javascript), HTML pages, images (GIF, JPEG, PNG), hyperlinks and index page. With TreePad Business you don't need to edit, manage or maintain any HTML pages or worry about broken hyperlinks!
Non-internet image types, like BMP and EMF are automatically converted to JPEG and GIF during export. Examples of Web sites generated with TreePad Business Edition can be found here.


Additional and advanced HTML functions
Quick HTML preview of tree or article, quick HTML export of tree or article, quick view article HTML source, directly insert HTML source code into the article, as well as Javascript, PHP, Perl, ASP, etc..


Create your own Photo Albums!
You can also use TreePad™ Business Edition to create photo-albums of your family, friends, trips, holidays, birthdays, celebrations, favorite buildings, nature, etc.
To make a TreePad photo-album, just insert your images into TreePad and your Photo Album is ready!
You can conveniently publish your photo album as:
(1) an exe-eBook (photos + texts + viewer-program inside one file),
(2) a TreePad file accompanied by the freeware TreePad Viewer,
(2) an online Website,
(4) a PDF file (through an external utility)
Using either of the above methods you can distribute your photo-album (royalty-free) to your friends family and business relations.


TreePad search engine. Click to enlarge.

Powerful Search Engine; the results-pane
is showing in the lower right-hand part.
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TreePad Business Edition is an advanced yet intuitive PIM/database, Word Processor, Organizer, Presentation tool, Web site generator, and much more, only 1400 Kb in size.
It enables you to store, search, spell-check, encrypt, import/export and password protect all your notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc. into one or multiple databases.
With the look and feel of the familiar Windows Explorer (file manager), editing, storing, browsing, searching and retrieving your images and data can not be easier!


Ease of use
To find any article you previously created or imported, you can browse the tree, in the same way as you browse directories/folders in the Windows Explorer (file manager). You can also use the powerful, fast internal search engine or the convenient TreePad bookmark system.


Articles and nodes
All data is contained in 'articles'; an article is a text shown in the right-hand pane of the program window. Any article is contained in a 'node' which is the most basic part of the tree (left-hand pane).


Tree icons

Each tree node can be marked with its own icon. TreePad comes with its own default icon library, containing a set of 160 useful tree-icons. A large number of additional icon libraries is available for free.
For utmost convenience, TreePad offers a variety of icon management functions: copy/paste of icons between tree nodes, paste icon to entire subtree, apply icon to entire subtree, set default icon for subtree, create new icon libraries, load icon libraries, hide tree icons, etc.


Tree checkmarks

Tree nodes can also be marked with 'check marks', which can be shown or hidden for each node individually, as well as globally for a whole subtree or the total tree.
Checkmarks, when visible, not only serve as an additional indicator, but can also be used to filter data during search, print or export.


Password protection and encryption
Store, protect, and manage all your passwords, PINs, serial numbers and other confidential information with the strongest industry-standard cryptographic algorithms for maximum privacy protection, incontestable security, reliability and optimum speed.


Industrial-strength encryption
TreePad Business Edition utilizes 256 bit encryption using the acclaimed TwoFish algorithm.

Twofish is a state-of-the-art encryption method developed by the team of Bruce Schneier, world renowned cryptographer and author of the famous Blowfish algorithm.

TwoFish is designed for utmost safety, speed and flexibility, and its level of encryption is several orders of magnitude stronger than what is produced by older algorithms, such as Blowfish or DES (Digital Encryption Standard).

Note: encryption of images is not yet supported but will be added at a later date.


Spell checker
TreePad Business Edition introduces a customizable spell-checker supporting more than 20 languages, and a thesaurus. Additionally, the spell-checker allows you to define your own words to be stored inside custom dictionaries.


Hyperlinks and auto-dial
TreePad Business supports active hyperlinks (blue and underlined) as well as image hyperlinks to phone numbers (auto-dial), internal TreePad nodes/articles, to documents, folders and programs on your hard disk, to Web pages, email addresses, FTP sites, newsgroups.
A real time saver is the fact that you can insert multiple hyperlinks to local documents in one go.
Relative and absolute hyperlinks are also supported.


Article editing
TreePad Business allows full rich text editing of articles; font: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, color, font background color, font name, font size, color-marker; paragraph: left, right, center, justify, bullets (normal, numbered, alphabetic, etc.), indents, recursive bullet nesting through the indent function, adjust left/right margins, optional line-select and word-select, copy/paste of text-formatting, insert ascii code; tables: create, insert/delete rows, insert/delete columns, combine rows/columns/cells, show/hide table borders, set a different color for individual cells, show/hide borders of individual cells, resize columns, resize table, align table, align text inside cells.
Articles without any Rich Text formatting are automatically stored as plain text, to save disk space.


Character map
TreePad Business Edition comes with its own built-in multi-font character map for easy insertion of symbols and special characters from various languages, including Porgugese, Spanish, French, German, Danish, etc.


TreePad Business enables you to display, insert, export, copy/paste and store hundreds of images (tens of megabytes). Images are stored in compressed form (bitmap compression ratios of up to 90%).
The program currently supports .png, .jpg, .gif, .emf, .wmf, .ico and .bmp images. Images are stored in their native format, and can be exported to other image file types.
Note: TreePad X Enterprise can store
many Gigabytes of images.


Tree editing
You can create any tree structure you want! It is very easy to add nodes/articles to the tree, delete nodes/articles, move whole sub-trees around using 'drag-and-drop', (reverse)sort subtree or entire tree (recurse/non-recurse), number subtree (reccurse/non-recurse), etc.


A very useful feature is the internal search engine (screenshot), which is able to locate any article inside the TreePad database.
It features a number of 'smart' options which can also be combined:
(1) search the whole database or only a selected subtree.
(2) search only articles, only the captions of the nodes, or both.
(3) simple search: find items containing the exact phrase, all the words, or some of the words.
(4) advanced search using (AND/OR/NOT combinations of) multiple words and phrases without having to enter the boolean formula.
(5) tree-search with regular expressions.
(6) easy switch between article and tree search
(7) limit search to checked nodes only
(8) search/replace on article text, including the following options: wild-card, case sensitive, count occurences/replacements, start from cursor, search whole words, replace all/one, confirm replace.


Agendas, calendars and to-do lists
TreePad Business Edition comes with very flexible and powerful built-in eternal agendas/calendars.
This functionality never runs out! You can even generate agendas and calendars for dates as far away as 2010, 2109, 2264, etc.

You can generate tree-based agendas and calendars, as well as article-based agendas, calendars and to-do lists. Furthermore, agendas and calendars can be grouped by days, weeks or months.
For more information, please see this page.  

Tree clipboard
Copy/cut/paste complete subtrees including all contained articles as easily as you cut/copy/paste blocks of text in a standard document. You can even copy/cut/paste of subtrees between different documents and different TreePad instances running.


Tree node marking
Tree nodes can be individually marked, by setting a different icon, check mark, color, size, style, background color and font-name for the title of each node (using the formatting toolbar and formatting menu).


You can create a template as easily as you create a TreePad article. When you apply a template to a newly created article, everything contained in the template will be automatically added to the new (child) article. TreePad templates can contain texts, text-formatting and images.
Templates can save you a lot of time and effort! For instance, when you set up a database of friends or business relationships, you can create an address template containing the fields 'name:', 'address:', 'phone:', etc. All newly articles created using that template now contain these elements by default.
In short, all images, formatting and texts which are part of the template article will automatically be included into newly created sibling nodes/articles.


Many drag-and-drop features! Rearrange the tree by dragging nodes to another location. Drop text blocks from the article into the tree. Drop texts and hyperlinks from other programs (like Netscape or MS Word) directly into the article or tree. Drop one or more files from the Windows Explorer (file manager) into the treepad article to create file hyperlinks. Drop one or more files from the Windows Explorer into the tree to directly import those files.


TreePad saves disk space!
Storing data in TreePad will save space on your hard disk! Images are compressed up to 90%! Besides, putting your data into a separate (HTML, RTF, DOC, PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, EMF, WMF, ICO, text) files would use up much more disk space then having the same information into one or two TreePad files.


The contents article can be zoomed from 10% to 1000%. The toolbar system is fully customizable, toolbars can be hidden, shown, you can move them around and place them anywhere, even in the main area of the program so that they become little floating tool windows.


Disk catalogs
TreePad can generate catalogs of your disks and directories. A disk catalog can be useful e.g. in creating a searchable database of all your removable disks (CD's, floppies, ZIP disks, etc.). Having such a database will simplify finding the right disk when you need a certain program or data file. With this function you can also create and manage shortcuts to files and directories on your hard disk.
This option is more extended than what can be found in specialized disk-catalog programs like CatFish and Cathy which do not possess TreePad's advanced search, organizing, reporting, print, export, import and HTML generation capabilities.
And last but not least, files and directories are represented as hyperlinks, activating the hyperlink will automatically open the file or directory if the corresponding disk or directory exists and is accessible by your system.

  Disk reports
The disk catalog function has some additional features which usually are only found in disk-reporting tools like e.g. Disktective: TreePad not only lists the name, size and date of individual files, and the amount of free disk space, but also the total real size of a directory (that is, the size of a directory including all containing subdirectories and files!). Disk reports can be printed, exported to HTML, RTF, Web site, etc.