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For as long as you have owned a computer, you have been told to backup your data. Great advice, but easier said than done. Backup programs have come and gone, are confusing, and use proprietary formats to store your data. ZipBackup is different!

ZipBackup is easy to use!

ZipBackup is easy to use and stores your backup in Zip format - the most common type of compressed file. ZipBackup's Wizard walks you through a simple step-by-step process for creating zip backups. You select what folders you want to backup, where to backup and you are done.
Unlike other backup programs, you don't need ZipBackup to restore your data. In fact, Windows® XP and Vista ship with Zip file compatibility built in. Whether you want to backup files to send to someone else, transfer your data to a new computer, or make sure you can open your backups in the future, you need ZipBackup.

ZipBackup is powerful!

ZipBackup can easily store all your data, but you can also store just your Microsoft® Office® files or the files you changed this week. In fact, you can filter your backups by file type, files size or the date a file was last changed. With ZipBackup you can define backup jobs that make regular backups a snap. You can even schedule backup jobs to run automatically. Because ZipBackup uses standard Zip files, you can easily create a backup job called "New York Presentation" to send to co-workers and a separate backup job "Sally English Class" to move your child's files to another computer.

ZipBackup Features

  • stores backups as standard Zip files - the most common type of compressed file.
  • compatible with popular Zip compression programs like Alpha ZIP, WinZip® and PkZip®.
  • automatically spans multiple removable disks, such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, Zip drives, etc.
  • Smart Restore™. With Smart Restore technology, ZipBackup can recognize standard Windows folders and restore your files to their proper location - even on a computer running a different version of Windows.
  • can generate an email when backup jobs are complete.
  • allows splitting of backup files for later writing to removable media.
  • can backup or restore over a network.
  • backup up to 18 million terabytes and 4 billion files.
  • schedules backups to run automatically.
  • creates detailed reports of backups and restores.
  • allows incremental and differential backups.
  • tags backup files with date and time for easy file management.
  • uses advanced file filtering to allow inclusion or exclusion of files by file type, size, date.
  • allows inclusion or exclusion of individual folders and files.



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