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    Speak to Text Speech Recognition
Speak to Text Speech Recognition 

Price: $39.95


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In addition to enhancements of the speech recognition layer and improved microphone management, the newly released version 2.51 of SpeakToText™ Speech Recognition software has many new and useful features that can help you increase your productivity. With SpeakToText Version 2.51, you can:

* A wide range of speech commands for menu items, buttons and dialogs let you run SpeakToText almost entirely by speech.
* Dictate and copy text to Microsoft Word with a single speech command.
* Copy your dictation to almost any application by way of the clipboard.
* Dictate text directly into most applications with Advanced Mode. You can switch between program windows with a simple mouse click.
* Use the new Advanced Mode to write and send emails in Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, FireFox, Mozilla and many other email programs.
* Speak and send chat messages hand's free with the “Send Message” speech command. Works with MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, PalTalk, Skype and many more.
* The new auto-send message feature lets you send a transcript of what you say in a voice chat session. If the other person has trouble hearing you, they can fill in the blanks from your speech.
* Have your computer read documents, emails, and webpages with the Text-to-Speech feature. New read commands give you a variety of read options.
* Reduce your dependence on the mouse and keyboard, and avoid spelling and typographical errors. The Microsoft SAPI Speech Recognition Engine does not make spelling mistakes.
* Convert .wav files you create on your PC or personal recorder into text with the click of a mouse. Enhanced .wav file recognition let's you see progress as your .wav file is recognized.
* Create your own speech commands to start programs, browse webpages, play music and much more. Give your computer personality by creating commands to make it talk back to you. User commands now include tool tips to help you remember commands.
* Upgrade at no cost with the free Update feature. Keep up with us for free as we keep improving SpeakToText.
* Display a list of available speech commands just by saying “What Can I Say?” The commands list in the What Can I Say? dialog now tool tips to help you remember commands.
* SpeakToText now comes with CoolInfo 1.10 Voice Recognition a FREE speech recognition program that lets you get information from the Internet and do web searches by speech. CoolInfo also speech enables the Windows calculator and lets you create your own speech commands.
* Get started easily and quickly with the new Quick Reference Guide. Click here to get your copy. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

SpeakToText™ Speech Recognition comes with the SAPI 5.1 Speech Recognition Engine from Microsoft, and also works with the SAPI 5.0 (available with Office XP) and SAPI 6.1 (available with Office 2003).

System Requirements:
Windows XP Home/Professional or Windows 2000
500MHz or greater processor
256 megs RAM
100 megs free disk space
A noise canceling headset microphone.

User Requirements:
About thirty minutes of your time to install SpeakToText, and setup and train Microsoft speech recognition to recognize your voice.



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