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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Utilities :: SpamMonster Anti Spam Filter

    SpamMonster Anti Spam Filter
SpamMonster Anti Spam Filter 

Price: $19.95


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SpamMonsterô Anti Spam Filter Features:

* With SpamMonster its easy to setup and configure spam filtering. You can start using SpamMonster to filter spam in 5 minutes or less.
* The SpamMonster setup wizard reads the email addresses in your contact list and adds them to your list of Friends the first time you use it.
* SpamMonster takes messages from Unknown Senders off the email server and quarantines them locally on your hard drive according to settings you choose. SpamMonster 2.0 will not remove a message until it has successfully quarantined. This lessens the chance that you will lose an important email.
* SpamMonster sends a Challenge Message to all Unknown Senders, and you donít need to do anything. When a sender replies to this Challenge Message, SpamMonster automatically restores their email and adds them to your list of Friends. You have the option of automatically sending them a confirmation email to notify the sender that their email has been restored.
* Although SpamMonster to be used effectively with very little setup time required, it is also highly customizable. This gives you the best of both worlds.
* Four filtering lists to allow Friends and Desirable Subjects, and to delete emails from Undesirable Senders or containing Undesirable Subjects. An additional filtering list for auto responders prevents these email senders from being added to your list of friends.
* You can view a list of emails removed from your server by SpamMonster, and easily restore an email with the click of a mouse. This further minimizes the chance of losing an important message.
* Use the new find feature (new in pre-release 1.85) to find and restore filtered emails from quarantine with the click of a mouse.
* Don't want to miss an email from a new contact you just made. Use the new remote commands feature (new in pre-release 1.85) to add emails addresses to your friends list and run other commands from just about anywhere by sending yourself an email with the command and your password in the subject line.

Why not get your copy of SpamMonster Anti Spam Filter and take back control of your inbox today.

System Requirements:

* Windows XP Home/Professional or Windows 2000 with all Windows updates.
* At least 256 megs of RAM, a 500MHz or greater processor, and 200 megs free disk space.
* A high speed Internet connection.



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