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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Utilities :: InSync - End User License

    InSync - End User License
InSync - End User License 

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InSync will provide you with peace of mind and security in knowing that your important data is efficiently and reliably safeguarded.

Use our InSync folder synchronizer to efficiently replicate entire groups of folders and the files within. Perform backups or propagate data from one machine to another with ease. Define and run multiple synchronization jobs specifying one or more source folders, synchronized to one or more target folders. Schedule jobs to run daily, weekly, or monthly with InSync's built-in scheduler interface. Avoid redundant data movement and resource underutilization by copying only data that has changed and by taking full advantage of multi thread processing to support concurrent execution of multiple tasks.

Achieve higher data transfer rates and maintain data integrity automatically with our performance focused design. We dare you to compare and be surprised at your benchmark results.

Key Features:

  • Simple set up, management, and scheduling of synchronization jobs.

  • One-way, 2-way, and backup synchronization of files and sub-folders from Source to Target Folder.

  • Optimized to copy only those files that are actually different, minimizing data transfer and network load.

  • Concurrent execution of multiple synchronization jobs.

  • High-performance implementation focussed on backup and mirroring.

  • Preservation of NTFS permissions, ownership, and group information. (Requires administrator privilege.)

  • Supports FAT, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, CDFS, and UDF file systems on any type of storage media including external Hard Disk, Zip Disk, USB Drive, CD-RW, DVD, NAS, Workstation, Laptop, Desktop, Server, LAN, WAN, VPN, or Network.

  • Supports international character sets in folder and file names.

  • Supports long path names that exceed the usual 260 character Windows limit.

  • Supports backup and synchronization of locked files on NTFS. (Requires administrator privilege and Windows XP, Windows Vista, Server 2003, server 2008.)

Here are a few scenarios where InSync helps save time, and prevent data loss:

Example 1: You use your desktop PC at home and your laptop on the road. Your working files can be updated on either PC but must be kept current on both. Use InSync in 2-way synchronization mode to merge folders on your desktop PC and your laptop to make sure both PCs contain the most recent files you are working on.

Example 2: You want to make a backup copy of your C: drive working folders to a folder residing on your secure work group server. You do not want to copy the full folders since they are large and this would take a long time using up a lot of network resources. This situation is frustrating since you know that only a small subset of the files have changed but you can't take the chance of missing one and being left without a backup. InSync excels at this task. It can be configured to synchronize your working and backup folders. It will only copy new files and files that have changed. It will also delete files from the backup folder that no longer exist in the working folder. In addition you can specify filters to prevent files matching a wild card pattern such as *.bak from being copied.

Example 3: You maintain a set of tool programs on a central server for your large development group. Since access to these tools is frequent your network traffic is high and developers are frustrated by network delays. You would like to place a copy of these tools on each developer's C: drive to eliminate delays, but you cannot take the chance that some developer will have an outdated version of a tool because an updated version has not been copied from the central server to his C: drive. InSync can be configured to synchronize multiple folders with a single source. You could run InSync each day to synchronize all developer's tools folders with the central folder. Only tools updated in the central folder that day would be copied.

These are only a few examples of how InSync can assist you. We are sure there are many more based on your specific requirements.

Requirements: WindowsTM 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, or Server 2008.



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