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  NorthStar Solutions, LLC :: Utilities :: IdentaFone Pro Caller ID Software

    IdentaFone Pro Caller ID Software
IdentaFone Pro Caller ID Software 

Price: $39.95


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IdentaFone offers many ways to maximize your Caller ID service from your TelCo.

Instantly Know Who's Calling!
Record Messages!
Overlay Caller ID On Your Screen!
Play Personal Messages to Callers!
Block Telemarketers!
Talking Caller ID!
Reverse Number Lookups!
Send CID To Your Mobile Phone!
Email messages as wave attachments!

Control Your Telephone Calls Through Caller ID Software.
  • Instant screen pops when the telephone rings.
  • Speech engine announces the caller's name - no need to be at your computer. *
  • Keeps track of the number of calls and the last call date for each caller.
  • Reverse web lookups of caller's number to retreive address information.
  • Play a personal message for any calling number. Leave messages for friends!
  • Pop up a memo pad during a call and save the information in the phonebook.
Built in answering machine (Tapi mode only) with advanced features.
  • Personal messages in phonebook can be used for the greeting instead of the system greeting.
  • Single key press on phone quickly disconnects answering machine if you pick up late. Much better than what you have to go through with a physical answering machine.
  • Email your messages as attachments when using email notifications.
  • View archived messages when using caller history or reports with no more full message box limitations.
Call blocking options help you avoid costly TelCo "Privacy Option" fees.
  • More blocking options than available from your TelCo.
  • Call Blocking for any number you choose plus Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR).
  • Plays selectable wave file to blocked caller before hanging up.
  • Call blocking includes the telezapper tones which instructs telemarketer automated dialers to take you off their list.
  • Call blocking option for all Private or Unknown callers.
  • Can block an entire range of numbers from a list of starting and ending numbers.
  • Block any call with same name such as "Pay Phone"
Check your Caller ID from anywhere!
  • Forward your caller's name and number to your Numeric or Alpha pager.
  • Forward the caller's name and number to your cell phone using email.
  • Text paging can be sent to a dialup (IXO/TAP) port, or to a SNPP gateway. See your message service provider for details.
  • Forward the caller's name and number by email to your work account or to a web based email address.
  • Forward CID by email to mobile phone and pager gateways.

Caller ID screen Pops anywhere on your LAN
  • Free network add-on NetPop that pops on networked computers whenever IdentaFone broadcasts a received call.
  • Must have "Client For Microsoft Networks" installed as a network protocol.
Many screen display options.
  • Display either the caller list or the large LCD type screen that can be seen across the room.
  • Small screen pop for when you need a more subtle notification while using your computer.
  • Use the network add-on on the same computer if you prefer the skinned interface.
  • The text display option gives you a transparent CID projection on top of whatever is on your screen. The CID name will pop on the screen and then gradually fade away after a preset time that you can adjust. The text color, font size, and screen position measured in percentage from the top can be adjusted by the user. This works over full motion video including DVD movies. Unlike other desktop telephony applications, this non-intrusive interface option never competes for space on the users PC screen.
Intuitive interface and easy to understand setup.
  • Works with any Caller ID capable modem or TAPI phone set
  • Uses TAPI or direct com port access to the modem.
  • Speed Dialer for 36 of your favorite numbers
  • Phonebook can import and export from many popular programs.
  • Email your contacts from the phonebook - doesn't require starting an external email program.
  • Popup CID on any computer over your LAN even on computers still running WFWG 3.11!
  • Prints caller list and phonebook entries.
  • Detailed Help and setup tips.
  • Sits in the system icon tray until needed.
Program Requirements
  • Caller ID capable modem. Usually this means a voice modem as many fax/data modems do not include CID. Also a voice modem is required if you want to play wave files to blocked callers or take messages from callers.

  • A modem is not required if your business phone system has TAPI support and the proper TSP is installed.

  • Latest drivers for your modem if you want to use TAPI mode. Playing wave files over the phone line and answering machine is limited to TAPI mode so it is worthwhile to choose a modem that has good driver support.

  • XP and Vista users make sure your modem driver still supports CID when upgrading the OS. Many modem drivers that handled CID in previous versions of Windows are not written properly if using the new Windows built in drivers. Check your modem manufacturer's web site for the latest drivers.

    A fully working 14 day trial is available for download.



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