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Movie Review Magic is a software program that will help you start your own movie review site — very fast and very easy!  The program installs with nearly 200 movie entries, and with the ready-made professional templates (which determine the look and feel of your web site), you will have your web site up and running in no time. With just the click of a button, hundreds (or even thousands) of web pages will be created for you (all that's left for you to do is upload them to your site).

Easily modify the HTML templates, change existing movie reviews, and add new reviews of your own. The interface is so easy, that anyone with only basic computer skills can create a professional web site (yet the program offers HTML experts the ability to use their webmaster skills too). Movie Review Magic has a well-polished help system that discusses advanced topics — to include a section devoted to ideas about how you can start your own movie review business, generate revenue through advertising and affiliate programs, and even enjoy tax deductions for doing so!!!


DISCLAIMER: While we believe the information presented below is accurate and correct, we do not represent it to be professional advise or anything beyond some general information we are presenting to help you begin exploring the possibilities of starting a movie review business. If needed, you should consult the advise of a professional for more information.

Undoubtedly there is a really powerful concept associated with running a movie review business: you can legally deduct all costs associated with running that business from your taxes. So, if you're genuinely trying to run a business doing movie reviews (which Movie Review Magic will help you do very easily), then it just makes sense that you should be able to deduct such costs as traveling to/from theaters and video stores, the costs of movie tickets and rental fees, and purchases for computer equipment, your Internet connection, office supplies, etc. You may even be able to get a home office deduction (which means you can deduct a portion of your mortgage or rent and your utility bills from your taxes). Even the purchase of Movie Review Magic is likely to be tax deductible. Essentially any costs necessary and reasonable to run your business is tax deductible.

Movie Review Magic will save you countless time and effort because each time you write a review, you can easily create/update all your web pages with much less effort than it would take to try and do it all manually. This will bring the fun out with your business because you can concentrate on doing the actual reviews, marketing your business, making a profit, etc. Movie Review Magic is not a program you will outgrow, as it can help you publish hundreds (even many thousands) of movie reviews quickly and easily.

The entire process of starting a business is beyond the scope of the information presented here — much more than we can write has already been written. A visit to your local library, a bookstore, or even some resource on the Internet about how to start a business will help. The problem, however, is there is too much information!!! To help you weed out the abundance of information and better focus on the information you need, here are a few tips from our experiences that we hope will help you get started (see further below for ideas about GENERATING REVENUE for your business):

You will see a lot of information about the type of business you want to form (sole proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation). Our advise is to just form the most common, easiest type of business entity: a sole proprietorship. Forming a sole proprietorship is relatively easy and saves you from a lot of paperwork hassles. If, in the future, you want to form a different type of business, then you can do so at that time by consulting with an accountant, lawyer, etc.

There are often free resources such the SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION that you may be able to visit to get help starting your business. Your local chamber of commerce may also have help or be able to refer you to an appropriate source of information. Just call them and let them know you wish to start a business and that you would like some help.

If you're not going to hire any employees, you can pass over most of the information about that subject (employee payroll, posting of signs, etc.). You will need to be concerned with filing some quarterly self-employment tax forms and some end-of year tax forms, namely a Schedule C - Profit or Loss from Business form. You may find Schedule C easier to complete than your regular tax forms, as it is just a couple of pages and simply has you report all the income and expenses related to running your business. Another form that may be useful for you is a Form 8829 - Expenses for Business Use of Your Home. All of these forms are including with most tax software packages such as Kiplinger TaxCut? and TurboTax?. (The retail prices for those software products are currently only about $25.00 — a cost well worth it.) The IRS WEB SITE has more information.

Running a movie review business is not like opening a restaurant or factory, so you can likely ignore all the information related to specific industries such as restaurants, factories, establishments that sell alcohol, etc. (You are not going to need a health permit or liquor license to run your movie review business.)

If you find a book related to starting an Internet-related business or service business, that book should be especially considered for your reading.

Don't be overwhelmed with the process of starting a business.  Obviously there are a lot of people that start businesses. You don't need a special degree to start a business. What you do need, however, is some determination and the ability to overcome any fear of doing so. Many people never follow their dreams of running their own business because they don't take the most important step: the first step. Movie Review Magic will help you tremendously with the task of creating a useful, potentially profitable web site; but don't expect it to do everything for you. You will have some initial work and learning to do. Don't put it off — get started today (and enjoy the journey and rewards of starting your own business).


An essential goal for your business is to make a profit. Here are a few ideas about how you can do so...

Marketing Tool Use your movie reviews as a marketing tool to attract visitors, and then sell movie-related products (t-shirts, posters, snack foods, videos, books, toys, etc.). If you already have some kind of online business, use your movie reviews to attract people to your web site, then add links to the other parts of your web site. Associate Program sells books, DVDs, etc. on the Internet and are doing fabulously well at it. They also have a hugely successful ASSOCIATE PROGRAM where you direct traffic to their web site and then get a percentage on any resulting sales!!! The whole process is extremely easy because all you do is refer the customer to them and they actually take the order, fill it, etc.

POSTERS Movie posters are another item that many visitors to your movie review web site might be interested in. Perhaps the most popular source of posters anywhere,, offers an AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

Other Affiliate Programs In fact, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of great AFFILIATE PROGRAMS that you can sign up for and make money with.

Advertising Once you get your web pages established and have enough movies to consistently attract visitors to your pages (again, using Movie Review Magic will help you do so especially fast), many businesses (such as local movie theaters, video stores, or even national businesses) may be interested in advertising on your site. Other movie-related sites or sites that sell the types of snack foods associated with watching movies could also be potential clients for advertising at your site. Also, theaters may be interested in contracting your services so that, for a fee, you publish their movie schedules on your site, and video stores may like the idea of you publishing a list of their new releases.

Subscriptions You could ask customers to purchase a subscription to your site, and possibly lock certain pages so that only people with a password can view the reviews. The key to this is to offer a few reviews for them to sample, get them hooked, then require a password for them to gain full access to all the pages. is an example of a site that offers a subscriber-based movie site.

Subcontracting Another idea would be to lease your online movie reviews to newspapers, magazines, etc. Your local newspaper is probably the best place to start. With more and more publications going online themselves, this idea has tremendous potential. One thing you may consider is being careful about signing any ?exclusive? contract clauses. By avoiding an exclusive clause, you can market your services to more than just one publication. Of course, you would probably want to make the look and feel of all the pages for each publication you contract with different, but you could easily do that with Movie Review Magic: just change the templates to create an entirely different color scheme and/or layout for you entire movie review site.

E-Commerce Solutions NorthStar Solutions can help you If you're selling subscriptions or merchandise from your web site. See an overview of our e-commerce services for more details.

With a little work, any of these ideas (or a combination thereof) should help you make your business a profitable, rewarding experience for you. So, get started now ...

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, and 9x.



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