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Features of Our E-commerce Services

LOW RESELLER FEES  We offer an exceptionally low and very fair reseller fee structure of just 5.9% + $.75 per order (default) or upon request we can set your account to have a flat rate of 7.5% per order (minimum fee of $0.75 per order). We also have no monthly fees, chargeback fees, refund fees, or other hidden fees.

Low Fees

RELIABILITY  We've sold millions of dollars of products via our e-commerce platform since 1994. As a pioneer in the e-commerce industry, we have continually evolved to ensure our solid, state-of-the-art platform has your business needs covered both now and in the future.


FRIENDLY CHECKOUT  Customers complete their orders with a single checkout page that conveniently provides immediate feedback— without them having to submit multiple forms or use their browser's "back button" to correct and resubmit. Our system significantly reduces or eliminates the shopping cart abandonment other payment processing systems experience. Our checkout process is so simple and intuitive that most customers can complete their order in just a couple minutes. SEE EXAMPLE OF LINKS THAT POINT TO A CUSTOMIZED STORE ...


PROFESSIONAL "LOOK AND FEEL"  Whether you work out of a big office or spare room in your house, all that matters is how professionally you present and conduct yourself online. So, the last thing you want to do is undermine your professional image when it comes to the critical point of accepting payments. Obvious examples might be if a business does not accept credit cards via a secure web site. Use of a reseller like NorthStar Solutions will provide the credibility and professional look and feel your business needs.

Professional Look and Feel

CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS  You're welcome to use our clean, professional default checkout pages or to customize your store with your header/logo, fonts, colors, etc. Our control panel equips you to do that yourself, or we'll be glad to help you with customizations at no extra charge (just point us to your site so we can capture some of the look for you). You also have several options when you link to our store: you can link to a particular product, link to the shopping cart with a product already added, or link to your general store area and let customers pick and choose the products they want to add to their virtual shopping cart. SEE EXAMPLE OF LINKS THAT POINT TO A CUSTOMIZED STORE ...

Customization Options

POST-SALE DOWNLOADS  If you sell downloadable products you can set up our system to immediately provide customers a download link after their purchase with a unique link that can be used for 24 hours after their purchase. This feature keeps your product safe from getting repeated downloads, and the link can be extended if a customer does not retrieve their download before it expires.


DISCOUNT COUPONS   Coupons are a nice way to offer items on sale without risking leakage from normal sales. In other words, rather than run a sale that each and every customer will receive (even if they arrive at your store ready to pay full price), you can target specific customers (e.g. ones who have purchased something from you in the past) and entice them to make more purchases of other products, or upgrade existing products at a discount. This works equally well for reseller discounts, educational discounts, friends and family discounts, etc.

You can set coupons to expire on a certain date, to only work for certain categories, to work only when a specific product is purchased, and/or only take effect if a certain purchase amount has been purchased. You may also provide customers a coupon code within the URL you give them to provide customers a more seamless purchase experience. No matter how the coupon discount is triggered, customers are immediately shown the discount in their cart total to provide them a feel-good experience about their purchase.


MULTIPLE CURRENCY QUOTES  Our store will automatically detect the preferred currency customers like to see by examining their browser settings and/or the IP Address where they are from and display the prices in their own currency. In addition to the currency options being displayed on the page the customer views, prices are displayed next to the original price quoted in U.S. dollars so the customer fully realizes the actual price. This feature accesses data from the European Central Bank in real time to ensure the exchange rate quoted is correct. Customers may also choose to override the suggested currency and display prices in one of many other currencies.


QUANTITY DISCOUNT OPTIONS Quantity discounts encourage more sales by enabling you to offer discounts when certain quantities are purchased. For example, you could have quantity discounts in ranges such as 2-4, 5-9, 10-20, 21-50, and 51-100 (or however you would like). Once you have set them up, our system will automatically apply the discounts to customer's shopping carts when they select a quantity in the range you specify to achieve a discount.

Quantity Discounts

INSTANT PAYMENT NOTIFICATIONS (IPN)  Easily set up your account to use our Instant Payment Notification (IPN) feature. If you use a hosting solution that enables you to run scripts, such as php, then you can have our system POST order data to a script on your server (a sample php script is also provided to you). IPN can be used in addition to e-mail notifications so that you can automate processes on your own server/host: you can customize the script to generate custom e-mail messages, log order data to a file, load a database, etc.

Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

CUSTOM E-MAIL TO CUSTOMERS  Customers receive a professional invoice detailing their purchase (what was purchased, the date of purchase, amount charged, etc.) immediately after their purchase is processed. Our system will also automatically send a separate e-mail on your behalf (with your e-mail address as the "reply to"), to thank them for their purchase and provide them with your contact information or, if you'd like, an unlock code or other special instructions related to their purchase.

Customized E-mail

GIFT CERTIFICATES  Gift certificates may be purchased from our store so you or customers can give them to others. This feature would be especially useful during holidays and special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, mother's day, etc.).

Gift Certificates

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS  We can mail checks or pay you via PayPal once at least $100 is owed to you. Our checks take about 2-4 days to arrive anywhere in the U.S. and about 10 days outside the U.S. Another option available upon your request is that we hold checks until a certain threshold is met ($500, for example).

Flexible Payments

FRIENDLY CONTROL PANEL  Once you sign up for our services, you will have access to an easy-to-use control panel to add, modify, and delete products; view orders in real time; set up customer discounts; create coupon codes; customize the look and feel or your store; and much more. If you would like to explore a "sandbox" area, use our SANDBOX CONTROL PANEL with Username = sandbox and Password = playnice.

Friendly Control Panel

SUPER EASY, RISK-FREE TRIAL  Our signup process is FAST and EASY — which means you can be selling products through our site within minutes of signing up. Also, you retain all rights to your products, to include the copyright, the right to distribute, marketing rights, and/or rights to receive compensation directly or from other sources. You have nothing to lose and much to gain by trying our services first hand!



Our many years of success is by no accident: we recognize the value of solid, long-term business relationships. Whether you're just starting your business, work full time at an established business, or are somewhere in between; when you sign up for our e-commerce services you will immediately become a valued client. Come grow with us ...

Our sign up process is fast, easy, and completely free.



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